Isis - selections 2001-2005 - live 4

The Jerusalem Post 's list of the 50 most influential Jews in the world annually provokes discussion and debate among our readers and the entire Jewish community.

Every person seemingly has their own opinion about who should be on the list and what place they should occupy among the world's most influential Jewish personalities in the last year. 

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In keeping with that spirit, The Jerusalem Post is once again turning to its readers for help in compiling the list.

We ask that you choose the candidates you would most like to see on the list, from the fields of: diplomcay, business, politics, technology, culture and education, and write them in the reader comments section of this article below. The top names chosen by our readers will help compile a master list from which the 50 most influential Jews will be chosen.

Our readers will also have a hand in choosing the final list together with our selection committee. The Jerusalem Post 's 50 most influential Jews list will be published in our special Rosh Hashana supplement in October.

Check out last year's list, ranking the most influential people in Israel and around the world in 2016.

Write your selections for the 50 most influential Jews in the comments section below

“Now, there is a kind of man whose views on the life of this world may please thee greatly, and [the more so as] he cites God as witness to what is in his heart and is, moreover, exceedingly skillful in argument. But whenever he prevails, he goes about the earth spreading corruption and destroying property and progeny [even though] God does not like corruption. And whenever he is told, ‘Be conscious of God,’ his false pride drives him into [even greater] sin …” (2:204–2:206).

Isis - Selections 2001-2005 - Live 4Isis - Selections 2001-2005 - Live 4Isis - Selections 2001-2005 - Live 4Isis - Selections 2001-2005 - Live 4